Carleys Products - Organic Mustards

Two jolly nice mustards, with a wholefood twist! Very long shelf life, but easy to use in all sorts of ways!
• Both gluten-free (why do people put wheat flour in mustard? Cheap I suppose!)
• no added sugar
• no added salt
• store without refrigeration until they are opened
• one vegan, one sweetened with honey
Packed in 170g. Suggested retail prices are shown below, though these may vary slightly from shop to shop.
They are becoming available from most major UK organic wholesalers, and the shops they supply.

Organic English Mustard
RRP £2.15 - 170g
Product info >> English Mustard

Organic Coarse Grain Mustard
RRP £2.15 - 170g
Product info >> Honey Grain Mustard

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