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Raw Cashewnut Butter rrp £6.95 /250g (=2.78/100g)

NEW!** ■ Raw ■ Gluten-Free ■ Vegan ■ No Added Salt ■ No Added  Sugar ■ No Palm Fat

Delicious as a bread spread, in sauces, nut-milk, dips, dressings and baking. Cool-milled below 44°C purely from organic whole raw Sri Lankan cashews. The nuts are grown, carefully sun dried and hand-cracked on family run small-holdings. In our all organic factory we are proud never to use refined oils, palm fat, emulsifiers or anything artificial in any product.

We are very careful to avoid any risk of cross contamination. We also process sesame, mustard and peanuts.  

Natural nutritious cashewnut oil may separate on the surface, just stir back in. Organic cashews can naturally contain nut shell fragments etc. We check and remove during production but cannot guarantee to have found every piece

Blend with water and strain to make your own raw cashewnut milk, for smoothies etc. Use home-made nut milk within  two days, and always store below 5°C in a fridge. 

Just One Organic Ingredient *

GB: Cashewnuts* ■ NL: Cashewnoten* ■ N: Cashewnøtter* ■ DK: Cashewnødder* ■ S: Cashewnötter* ■ Ker: Know kashou* ■ Cat: Anacards* ■ Esp: Anacardos* ■ Su/Fi: Cajoupähkinät* ■ Ro: Caju* ■ Če: Kešu* ■ Ελλ: κάσιους παξιμάδι* ■ Pol: Orzechy nerkowca* ■ Fr: Noix de cajou* ■ DE: Acajounuss* ■ Mag: Kesudió* ■ Ital: Anacardi* ■ Port: Nozes caju* ■ Íslen: Cashew hnetur* ■ Liet: Anakardžių riešutai* ■ Cym: Cnau cashiw* ■ Gael: Cnónna caisiú* ■ Tü: kaju fıstığı* ■ Εus: Marañon fruitu lehorrak*

Nutritional infomation   Per 100g
Energy kcal         569
Energy kJ          2379
Protein                17.4g
Carbohydrates    28.8g
 of which sugars   5.6g
Fats (total)          46.5g
 of which saturates    7.9g
Fibre                     3.1g
Calcium          35.2mg
Sodium           11.4mg


Carleys Organic Foods - Soil Association licenced since 1992


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