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Raw Rainforest Nut Butter rrp £4.65 /170g

Cool milled below 44°C from Cashews, raw macadamias, raw brazils, no added oil, no added salt.- no  peanuts.

The raw cashews we use are from a particular family farming cooperative in Sri Lanka.
The process of hand shelling is rather unpleasant due to the acrid Cashew Nut Shell Oil (CNSO) which can affects the eyes, nose, and respiratory tract. So we prefer to use the nuts from the project in Sri Lanka where the people doing the nut shelling is own the company and decide what protective equipment to use,

Just three raw ingredients: (* = organic / bio / øko / ekologisk) GB: Brazilnuts*, cashewnuts*, macadamia nuts* NL: Paranoten*, cashewnoten*, macadamianoten* DK: Paranødder*, cashewnødder*, macadamianødder* N: Paranøtter*, cashewnøtter*, macadamianøtter* SE: Paranötter*, cashewnötter*, macadamianötter* Ker: Know koll*, know kashou*, know makadamia* Cat: Nous del Brasil*, anacards*, nou de macadamia* Esp: Nueces del Brasil*, anacardos*, nuez de macadamia* Su/Fi: Parapähkinät*, cajoupähkinät*, macadmiapähkinät* Pol: Orzechy brazylijskie*, orzechy nerkowca*, makadamia* F: Noix du Brésil*, anacardes*, noix du macadamia* DE: Paranuss*, acajounuss*, macadamianuss* Ital: Noci del Brasile*, anacardi* noci macadamia* Sl: Brazilski oreščki*, indijski oreščki*, makadamije* Ro: Nuci de Brazilia*, caju*, nuci de macadamia* ελλ: Καρύδια Βραζιλίας *, κάσιους, καρύδια * Eus: Brasilgo intxaurrak*, cashews*, Macadamia intxaurrak* Port: Nozes de Brasile*, nozes caju*, nozes de macadamia* Íslen: Brasilía hnetur*, cashew hnetur*, macadamia hnetur* Cym: Cnau Brasil*, cnau cashiw*, chnau macadamia* Lith: Braziliniai riešutai*, anakardžių*, makadamijos* Gael: Cnónna Bhrasaíl*, cnónna caisiú*, cnónna macadamia* Če: Brazilia nuci*, alune de caju*, nuci de macadamia*

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