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Raw Walnut Butter

RRP £3.95 - 170g

 Cool milled below 44°C from unroasted Moldovan Walnuts, no added oil, no added salt. We also make the product using Indian Walnuts when the Moldovan nuts are not available.

This product has the strong and uniquely distinctive taste of oil rich walnuts. Try eating with fruit spreads or banana to add some natural sweetness, and increase palatability if you find it a bit too strong! Allergy Advice : Contains Nuts (!) We are very careful to avoid any risk of cross contamination. We also process sesame, mustard and peanuts. Bäst fore: se locket. Haltbar Bis: Siehe Deckel. ■ A consommer de preference: avant voir couvercle. ■ Parasta ennen: päiväys kannessa. ■ Najlepiej spożyć przed: patrz pokrywką. ■ Consumir antes: ver tapa. ■ Houdbaar tot: zie deksel. Best Before: See Lid  

One raw ingredient: (* = organic / bio / øko / eko) GB: Walnuts* ­■ De: Walnüsse* ■ DK: Valnødder* ■ No: Valnøtter* ■ Se: Valnödder* ■ Ελλ: καρύδια* ■ Lat: Valrieksti* ■ бъл: Орехите* ■ Esp: Nueces* ­■ Cat: Nous* ■ SL: Orehi* ■ Tü: Ceviz* ■ Ital: Noci* ■ Fr: Noix* ■ Port: Nozes* ■ Ro: Nuci* ■ Mag: Dió* ■ Mal: Ġewż* ■ Ee: Pähklid* ■ Ker: Know frynk* ■ NL: Okkernoten* ■ Íslen: Valhnetur* ■ Gael: Gallchnónna* ■ SK: Vlašské orechy* ■ Če: Vlašské ořechy* ■ Cym: Cnau Ffrengig* ■ Su/Fi: Saksanpähkinä paahtamaton* ■ Pol: Orzechy włoskie* ■ Liet: Graikiški riešutai*

Nutrition inf/100g

Energy kcal 654

Energy kJ 2738

Protein 15g

Carbohydrates 13g

of wh sugars 2.6g

Fats (total) 65g

of wh saturates 6g

Fibre 7g

Calcium 98mg

Sodium 0.002g

Salt** 0.005g

Omega 3 9g

**This product is made (as with most of our products) with No Added Salt. The Salt content is an equivalent estimate made by multiplying the very low sodium content by 2.5. (Chemistry! Periodic Table available for inspection on the office wall!)

Carleys Organic Foods - Soil Association licenced since 1992


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