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Raw Black Sesame Tahini

RRP £3.95 - 250g

Cool milled below 44°C from whole organic un-hulled Black Sesame seeds from Bolivia, with organic cold-pressed fair trade sesame oil pressed in France from fair trade seeds from Mali, and no salt. A great source of many minerals, and anti-oxidants.


Just two raw ingredients: (* = organic / bio / oko / eko)

GB:          Whole Bolivian black sesame seeds* 70%, cold-pressed fair trade    sesame oil*.

NL:          Zwart sesamzaad* 70%, koudgeperste sesamolie*

N / DK: Sorte sesamfrø* 70%, jomfrusesamolie*

SE:        Svarta sesamfrön* 70%, sesamolja*

Ker:       Has sesam du* 70%, oyl sesam*

Cat:       Sèsam negre* 70%, Oli de sèsam*

Esp:      Sésamo negro* 70%, Aceite de sésamo*

Su/Fi:    Musta seesaminsiemenet* 70%, sesamöljy luomu*

Pol:       Czarny sezam* 70%, olej sezamowy*

Port:     Sementes gergelim preto* 70% *, óleo de gergelim*

F:          Graines de sesame noir* 70%, huile vierge de sésame*

DE:       Schwarz sesamsamen* 70%, Sesamöl bio native*

Ital:       Sesamo nero* 70%, olio di sesamo*

Gael:    Síolta seasamain dubh* 70%, ola sesame*

Cym:    Hadau sesame du* 70%, olew sesame*

Če:      černý sezam* 70%, sezamový olej*

Ro:      Susan negru* 70%, ulei de susan*

Allergy Advice: Contains Sesame!

Refrigerate after opening, and eat within three months.

Natural nutritious oil may separate on the surface, just stir back in.

Delicious in sauces, dressings, dips and baking. Can be used in as an ingredient in hummus with interesting effect, or as a nutritious and distinctive bread-spread! Cool-milled below 44°C from organic un-hulled black sesame seeds and cold-pressed oil. In our all organic factory we are proud never to use refined oils, palm fat, emulsifiers or anything artificial in any product.

We are very careful to avoid any risk of cross  contamination. We also process nuts, mustard, soya and peanuts.

Carley’s is family owned and independent

Certified by the Soil Association since 1992

Nutritional Info   Per 100g

Energy kcal                    565

Energy kJ                     2363

Protein                         13.6g

Carbohydrates             17.6g

 of which sugars            0.2g

Fats (total)                   58.9g

 of which saturates        7.9g

Fibre                              8.8g

Sodium                       8.2mg

Calcium                      741mg

Raw  ■ Vegan ■ Non GM ■ Gluten-free ■ No added sugar ■ No added salt



Carleys Organic Foods - Soil Association licenced since 1992

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