Carleys Products - Roasted Seed Butters


We think we have just about the best range of organic seed butters in the UK!
• they are all gluten-free
• all have no added sugar
• all have no added salt, or a very little added salt in the roasted pumpkinseed (0.2%)
• all can be stored without refrigeration until they are opened
• and all are vegan
Most are made from unroasted seeds.

Most are packed in 250g, with the more expensive ones in 170g, and the suggested retail prices are shown below, though these may vary slightly from shop to shop.

All are available from all major UK organic wholesalers, and the shops they supply.


Roasted Pumpkinseed Butter
RRP £3.75 - 250 gm
Product info >> Roasted Pumpkinseed Butter

Roasted Sesame Seed Butter
RRP £2.95 - 250 gm
Product info >> Roasted Sesame Butter

Roasted Sunflower Seed Butter
RRP £2:65 - 250 gm
Product info >> Roasted Sunflower Butter

Carleys Organic Foods - Soil Association licenced since 1992


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