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Carley’s of Cornwall

Carley’s of Cornwall is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of fantastic pure organic nut and seed butters, raw organic chocolate spreads and delicious chutneys, mustards and pickles, all made by us here  in our 100% dedicated organic eco-factory in the heart of Cornwall.

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Our ethos.

Carley’s have always been advocates of the benefits of organic foods, we want to be “part of the solution, not part of the problem” Organic food and farming is better for us, better for bio diversity, better for the planet and better for the future.

We make organic products because we believe wholeheartedly in the rightness of the organic movement. We have been making our ever increasing range of nut & seed butters since the 1970’s and have been fully and continuously Soil Association certified since 1992. Everything we make is 100% organic, always has been, always will be!


What goes in?

We make pure, clean unadulterated organic products. We are proud to never use palm fat, emulsifiers, refined oils or anything artificial, we never have and never will.

Almost all of our delicious, nutritious organic nut butters contain nothing but nuts!  Try our pure velvety Raw Walnut Butter, purely cool milled from incredible omega rich sweet Moldovan walnuts or our famous Raw Almond Butter, carefully cool milled below 44° from select Sicilian and Spanish almonds. See our products page for our full and ever increasing range, if there’s a nut available you can bet we make a butter out of it!

No emulsifiers, no palm oil, no sugar, no salt, no gluten, in fact nearly always nothing but 100% nuts! (We add a tiny touch of cold pressed sunflower oil to our white almond, roasted cashew and raw pecan butters so they are spreadable)

Our Organic Seed Butters are carefully milled from whole seeds and cold pressed oils to a creamy nutritious butter. We have a vast range, from pure classic Organic Roasted Pumpkinseed to the dazzling Organic Mixed Seed Super Spread, it really is super! Try it on oatcakes with a slice of fruit for a taste sensation!

We buy the best seeds available from trusted growers all over the world, they are carefully blended in our family of powerful mills, Mildred, Melissa, Millicent, Melanie, Milly and their as yet unnamed sibling. any ideas welcome!

Our organic nut and seed spreads are incredibly delicious & nutritious- powerhouses of vitamins, minerals and valuable fats, best of all they are full of flavour!


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Where do we get our ingredients?

We are now manufacturing in our brand new Eco- factory!

Why nuts & seeds?