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Allergens here at Carley’s

Allergens and cross contamination.

Allergens here at Carley’s

These are the allergenic ingredients we use on a regular basis:

Peanuts             Peanut Allergy Tips for Kids . Arthur | PBS KIDS

Tree nuts    Black and White Warning Contains Nuts Symbol Classic Round ...

Sesame seeds   Allergen Labels - Contains Sesame Seeds - 35mm |Sticker Gizmo

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Here at Carley’s we make all of our products from raw materials. We manufacture and pack all of our products on one production line using the same milling machines, buckets and filling equipment. We have specifically chosen all of our equipment to very easily cleanable in that everything is broken down into component parts, carefully pre-washed and then sterilised in a high temperature industrial dishwasher before being inspected and then built again. All of our staff are trained in the importance of avoiding cross contamination between allergenic and non-allergenic ingredients and our working methods reflect this too, we operate full clean downs of all equipment, utensils, clothing and working areas after using all allergenic ingredients.

We are, therefore, as certain as we can be that our butters are free from significant traces of any peanuts, other tree nuts, sesame seeds, mustard etc that are not listed in the ingredients. However if you have an acute sensitivity or allergy to any of the above we would certainly advise caution simply due to the fact that microscopic traces are likely to be present although at very, very low levels.

We liaise closely with our local trading standards office to keep up to date with all new legislation on allergens and work with them in achieving a clear statement on our labels.

Please contact us on if you would like any further information, we’ll be very happy to hear from you.

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