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We are now manufacturing in our brand new Eco- factory!

We are now manufacturing in our brand new Eco- factory!

We are now trading from our new zero carbon / zero waste factory a few miles west of Truro.

Since early 2015 we have been happily settling into our wonderful new eco-factory.

We are committed to promoting sound environmental and social practices.

Protection of the environment and sustainability are long term, world-wide issues and we are passionate to play our part in these objectives.

Our overall business objectives are fundamentally based on sound environmental, fair and communal practices and these standards are reviewed and monitored. We seek to lend what assistance can be given to the Chacewater Local Neighbourhood Development Plan group, and to the Chacewater Energy Group. Both these bodies aim to create a more sustainable future for our local community.

We purchase all our ingredients from suppliers who also act in a responsible manner using sustainable principles and who are members of the relevant supportive organisations, and who use independent laboratory checks to ensure no GM contamination or pesticide contamination. All our ingredients come from independently certified organic producers and growers. We use no palm oil or any other environmentally questionable ingredients in any product, and would never do so.  Organic Certification covers all the principles of organic agriculture which has at its core respect for our world environment.

Carley’s aims to become a zero-carbon manufacturer by generating all of the electricity required from roof mounted photo-voltaic panels, roof mounted micro wind turbines, we minimise grid import with battery storage and generate hot water from log fired biomass and solar thermal, we minimise electricity use by using ultra low energy LED lighting, and minimise use of raw materials, particularly plastic where possible by using larger containers of the optimum size for bulk product, thin sealing film and any other practical solutions.


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