Organic Smokey Chilli Peanut Butter 250g


Whole Organic Smokey Chilli Peanut Butter.

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Our famous, classic and really simple Whole Organic Peanut Butter now available in a wonderful smokey chilli variety. Made from freshly roasted organic Egyptian or Paraguayan paleskin peanuts, with a little cold-pressed sunflower oil, agave nectar, cayenne, paprika and a touch of seasalt.  Delicious and nutritious with a high level of protein. This is amazing with avocado on toast!!!

No added cane sugar, palm fat or anything artificial!

All organic agricultural ingredients:
(*=organic / bio / øko / eko) GB: Freshly roasted Egyptian or Paraguayan peanuts* 90%, CP sunflower, oil*, agave syrup*, cayenne pepper* 1%, sea-salt, smoked paprika* 0.3%.

NL: Vers geroosterd Pindas*, zonnebloemolie*, agave siroop*, cayennepeper*, zeezout, paprika.

DE: Erdnusse*, Sonnenblumenöl*, Agavendicksaft*, Cayennepfeffer*, Meersalz, paprika*,

DK: Frisk brændt Jordnødder*, solsikkeolie*, agave sirup*, cayenne*, havsalt, paprika,

Fr: Arachides*, huile de tournesol* pfr, sirop d’agave*, cayenne*, sel de mer, paprika*.

For allergens, see ingredients in bold, Pour les allergènes, voir les ingrédients en gras. Voor allergenen, zie bestanddelen vetgedrukt. For allergener, se ingredienser med fed skrift. Für
Allergene siehe Zutaten in Fettdruck. We are very careful to avoid any risk of cross contamination. However, as we also process sesame, mustard, and nuts, traces may be present.

Our organic Peanut Butter is fabulous for making satay sauce, blend a few spoonfuls of peanut butter with some stock, (we use the fantastic Marigold Vegetable Bouillon), some coconut milk if you like, and some garlic and black pepper. Use as a sauce for vegetables, chicken or fish.

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  • Vegan
  • No palm fat
  • Gluten Free
  • No added sugar
  • Nothing artificial
  • No emulsifiers.
  • No GM
  • 100% Certified organic.

Nutritional Info: valeurs nutritive:
Nährwerte: voedingswaarden: /100g
Energy: Energie: Energi: 634kcal 2652kJ
Fats: lipids: vet: Fett: fedt: 50g
saturates: acides gras saturés: gesättig
Fette: verzadigd vet: mættet fedt: 6.3g
Carbohydrates: Glucides: Koolhydraten:
karbohydrater: Kohlenhydrate: 16g
of wh’ sugars: dont sucres: dav’ Zuckar:
waarvan suikers: hv’v sukkerarter: 5.6g
Fibre: fibres aliment: Ballaststoffe: 7g
Protein: Proteines: Eiwit: Eiweiss: 22g
Salt: Zout: Salz: Sel: Sal: ….. 0.93g


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