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Where do we get our ingredients?

What comes from where?

Where do we get our ingredients?

We buy our nuts and seeds from a range of top quality importers (although some ingredients we buy directly from the growers themselves)

If there one ingredient we depend on it is that star nut the Almond, we love almonds and use them in lots of our products, our bestselling famous Organic Raw Almond Butter of course, our fantastic classic Organic Roasted Almond Butter and a whole host more….

Most of our delicious sweet almonds are grown in beautiful Sicily, we do also occasionally buy some fantastic Valencia Almonds from Spain.

The almonds in our Raw Whole Almond Butters are not heat treated prior to, or indeed following, delivery to us. Often almonds bought from further afield have been subject to pasteurisation at intense temperatures  but not ours which are totally and utterly RAW and incredibly nutritious and delicious.

Our White Almond Butter is made from European (Sicilian or Spanish), almonds which are lightly steamed to remove their skins, this process is very brief and serves only to loosen the skins. Therefore they are as raw as it is possible to buy and of course we do not roast or heat the nuts here.

Our delicious sweet and creamy Walnuts are grown in either Moldova or Poland and are not heat treated in their processing at all, they make a delicious and exceptionally soft, velvety smooth omega 3 rich spread, (great in making chocolate nut truffles!)

Our hazels and apricot kernels are grown in Turkey and again are not heated at all in their processing.

Cashews are from Sri Lanka or Vietnam, the cashew nuts are usually heat treated by necessity in the cropping process. Cashew grow from the base of the cashew apples, a fruit that we don’t commonly eat.  The shells contain an acrid oil called urishiol, to remove the urishiol most cashews world-wide are subject to a brief but fairly intense heat to clean the nuts and remove this natural substance. Therefore these nuts are not truly raw. We have however, after many years of searching, managed to source some truly raw cashews!

These are laboriously air dried at ambient temperatures to remove the urishiol, the process takes considerably longer and therefore it is not usually financially viable from but we have located a small organic growers co-op called Target who do use this method.  Therefore our Raw Cashew Nut Butter is exactly that, truly raw and truly delicious!

Our brazils are from Bolivia and are totally raw with no heat treatment. They are harvested by hand by a co-operative of the indigenous people of that area of the Amazon Basin. They are then hand cracked ready for dispatch.

Our whole and hulled sesame seeds come from a wonderful organisation in Ethiopia called Selet Hullings, which operates as a organic growers co-operative and is wholeheartedly involved in supporting the building of schools in the area and improving the infrastructure and the environmental impact of processing in that part of Ethiopia.

These sesame seeds are briefly hot air dried (approx 5-7 minutes) when being processed in their facility, this is required to remove the risk of E-coli bacteria etc being present which would be a significant risk without this air drying, in fact the sesame seeds would be rejected at the point of import if they had not been exposed to this brief heat, (approx.60- 70 degrees for a few minutes)

Our hemp seeds come from Romania and are totally raw, no heat treatment at all in the processing or manufacture, the linseeds are also raw, no heat treatment.

Our raw pumpkinseed butter made from raw pumpkinseeds, again, no heat treatment. Our roasted pumpkinseed butter is made from delicious crispy roasted seeds which we freshly roast here in Cornwall..

All of our nuts and seeds are grown and processed to the highest possible organic standards, these are very stringent in their criteria.

We proudly manufacture all our products with exceptionally good quality ingredients and always have!

We add no emulsifier, palm fat, or anything suspect at all, never have, never will.

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