Organic Raw Mixed Seed Super Spread


Packed with delicious organic seeds!

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Carley’s bestseller, and rightly so!

Packed with delicious organic seeds! A whole lot of flavour and texture in this seriously exciting spread! Here’s what goes in:

Sunflower seeds & oil, Pumpkin seeds & oil, Sesame Seeds & oil, Linseeds & oil, Hemp seeds & oil, Poppy seeds, and Chia seeds.

We blend the raw seeds and cold pressed oils to a creamy spread that tastes truly amazing!

Strong, tasty and very nutritious, this is one for the true raw food devotees! Makes it easy to get your daily omega 3s, (4g/100g).

We love to eat this on an oatcake with a slice of fruit or with a few basil or coriander leaves, also fab to add to homemade bread before kneading for added nutritional oomph- try it!

Send us your recipe ideas too, we really love trying them!

We don’t add salt to any of our nut or seed butters, easier to add it than to take it away! If you prefer a touch of salt simply sprinkle a bit into your jar then stir it through.

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  • Vegan
  • No palm fat
  • Gluten Free
  • No added salt
  • No added sugar
  • Nothing artificial
  • No emulsifiers.
  • No GM
  • 100% Certified organic.

Nutritional Info: Valeurs nutritive:
Næringsinnh’: voedingsw’rd’ /100g
Energy: Energie: 644kcal 2696kJ
Fats: lipids: vet: Fett: fedt: 56g
saturates: acides gras saturés: gesätt’
Fette: verzadigd vet: mættet fedt: 6g
Carbohydrates: Glucides: Koolhydraten:
karbohydrater: ……………… 15g
-sugars: sucres: Zuckar: suikers: 1g
Protein: Protéines: Eiwit: Eiweiss:17g
Fibre: fibres alim’t: Ballaststoffe 10g
Salt: Zout: Salz: Sel: Sal:……… 0.02g

Additional information

Weight 250 g